Call for Papers

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We invite abstract submissions on a wide range of research topics. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • TH01   Energy storage technologies for offshore renewables
  • TH02   Harvesting of renewable energy in a directly-storable form
  • TH03   Compressed air systems, including deep underwater air containments
  • TH04   Thermal energy storage using coastal or floating thermal store
  • TH05   Case studies and demonstration projects
  • TH06   Advanced materials utilised in energy storage technologies
  • TH07   Supportive technologies associated with offshore renewable energy and storage
  • TH08   Energy storage for grid integration within offshore/onshore networks
  • TH09   Wind, tidal and wave energy devices with integrated energy storage systems
  • TH10   Economics
  • TH11   Policy and Regulation

Deadline for abstract submission - 24th April 2015

Notification of Acceptance - 13th May 2015

Deadline for submission of full papers - 5th June 2015 (Extended to 12th June 2015)

Special issue of IET Renewable Power Generation

Authors of very high quality papers may be contacted to, or may submit for consideration, a suitably expanded version of their conference material for consideration as a full paper in the IET Renewable Power Generation journal.

Depending on the quantity and quality of the papers received, the journal may publish a special issue containing selected best papers from the conference.

Please note that all contributions to IET Renewable Power Generation will be subject to the rigorous peer-review process associated with a world-class academic journal.